medical wig

Medical Wig

Affordable Medical Wig Hair China Manufacturer

The medical wig is one of the wig which need the professionalism of the hair manufacturer. Not all hair factory could make this silicon border breathable lace material.

The wig is specifically for the cancer suffer and alopecia people since the hair base was design to be very comfortable to wear and easy to manage once you would like to take it off.

Chemical free wigs, our hair factory made the medical with no chemical process and other chemical treatment during the production. All is tested and inspected before delivered to clientes.

The great point of the medical wig in our company is that it is easy to make the hair style. Cause of freestyle, you could comb the hair from left to right or right to left and from front to back.

Every product, hair pieces or wigs from our factory facilites, is sealed packaging and well managing shipment. For wholesale sales and wholesale clientes, they do not need to repack it.

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