Silicon toupee---Silicon customized made silcon skin, Look real natural scalop

Silicon Toupee

Affordable Silicon Skin Hair Replacement System For Sale

Silicon hair replacement kind of order with full thick silicon base, with hair injected on it, no knots, very natural looking like hair growing out skin.Silicon base is strong and durable base, suitable for men and women, no stock, we need to make customized order with customer’s requirement. It is self-adhesive order, no need glue or tape, it can stay on head when you put it on.

As a direct hair manufacture, we can make customized order with hair template or measurement for the base size, hair samples or color picture offered for hair color. Detailed specification can be made to meet customers’ requirement, like hair density, texture, natural hairline, undervent ect.
Shunfa have many professional workers, who can make custom orders fast and nice to make sure good delivery time and high quality orders.

Shunfa has quality control department,and provide top quality after sale service to make sure all your needs to be heard and our customers are 100% satisfied with our orders and service.

Hope to cooperate with you.

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