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Factory is professional making the best ladies toppers with high grade human and high skill ventilation job. Producing good quality this hair extensions demand a lot experiences to understand the demand of the users of the hair and the conception of the prototype women top pieces. But in the end, this top crown hair pieces, all is base on the final feedback of the users to improve the quality of our ladies toppers.

This model of hair toppers is specially made for women who has not a lot of hair or who has some problem on the hair volume. So they can use this topper hair to make their hair to have more density instead to use a full head human hair system or hair wigs. The ladies toppers is a little hair pieces to cover the part of the head where there is less hair.

The advantage of using the ladies topper is, it is easy to apply because most of them does not require for a glue or tapes. Just clipping them and it could well hold on the hair of the users.

We could take the clip hair toppers off once you do not need them. It is very small, very inconspicuous and invisible.

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