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Monofilament hair replacement is known by long using time, this base is strong, durable and it can be knotted with heavy density.Shunfa is a direct hair factory in Qingdao China for years with experienced workers who can make super knotting work and natural hair direction.

Fine mono combined with lace, PU and poly makes the base different types for customers to choose. Lace, double lace or PU front to make the hairline undectable and invisible. We have different base densign with different sizes and colors in stock for immediate shipment for customer’s urgent requirement,Shunfa also have 2000 pieces customized order ability to meet customers’ special order needs.We can make customized orders with customer’s color, size, length, density, texture ect, about 8-10 weeks delivery time meets your requirement.As a direct hair factory,We provide wholesale price, no middle price. Welcome to contact us for more details.


When you will begin your search for TOP MENS TOUPEE, you will undoubtedly come across MONOFILAMENT MEN’S TOUPEE as one of your choices. But what do you mean by it? Or more importantly – is it the right choice for you? These are just some common questions that first-time buyers of wig or toupee struggle with. To ensure you can make an informed purchasing decision, some must-know information about this type of wig have been mentioned below. So, do read on to find out more on monofilament toupee for men.


Let’s start by stating the fact that cap construction is vital factor to consider when selecting a natural looking wig. The cap constriction of monofilament type is known for the added fine layer of transparent micro-mesh. It is inserted either at the top area, crown, or the parting. It is considered as a high-quality product as for such wigs, each strand of hair will be hand tied individually to the micro-mesh layer. This is the main reason why it looks close to NATURAL HAIR.

It is also known as mono-top wig and can be made from either HUMAN HAIR fibers or synthetic fibers. There are different types of monofilament toupee or wig (explained in details later on). One of the best things about this particular kind of wig is that it is possible to part the hair present in different sections allowing the wearer to accomplish any popular MEN’S HAIR styles.


Some advantageous features of this kind of MESH INTEGRATION HAIR SYSTEM are as follows:

The methods used to craft this kind of wigs allow them to achieve a more natural look. In fact, it is closest to the real thing when it comes to look. The semi-transparent material allows you to part and style the hair.

Compared to LACE FRONT type of wigs, this one requires less materials and hair strands to construct. You can achieve a voluminous looking hair without having to wear a bulky wig with this type.

As for this type less materials are uses, you can enjoy other advantageous features. This lightweight wig can offer the advantage of airiness and lightness.

Besides, the less material present in the cap fabrics allow a greater amount of airflow in all monofilament toupees. This ensures the prevention of heat trapping under the wig. So, you can wear it for a longer time compared to other types available.


Some common and popular types of wig are as follows:

In such type of monofilament wig, the holes present in the quadrilateral nylon fiber base are comparatively larger. It is a great choice for customers looking for delicate hairpieces that are budget-friendly.

Here also the base is made with quadrilateral nylon fiber. It may look like lace hair system, but there are some major differences. Here the holes present on the base are a bit smaller than the superfine welded type. Still, they can ensure great breathability. Because of the method of construction, it has a more shiner appearance in light, proving a natural look.

In such type of MONOFILAMENT WIGS, individual hair strands will be hand knotted into the base. The base comes with large holes and is made up of interlocking monofilament material with another fabric that is sturdy. The other materials used can be poly with gauze, clear poly, PU, and more. They are quite durable and natural looking (the best in this list in this category).


If you are looking to order MONOFILAMENT MEN’S TOUPEE in bulk, then do know that there many different trustable monofilament hair system factories all operating from China. A well-loved and well-known hair systems factory of China is SHUNFA Hair Factory. As per many online reviews and testimonials, here are some benefits of choosing them:


Here you have it; these are some information on MONOFILAMENT WIGS that every first-time wig buyers should know about. Hopefully by now, you know that there are many benefits of investing in this type of HAIRPIECE CHINA FACTORY product including owning a wig that is close to natural looking hair. So, what are you still doing here? Contact SHUNFA Hair Factory and purchase as many as you want today!

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