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Monofliament Wig

Affordable Mono Lace Wig Human Hair China Manufacturer

Durable Human hair monofilament wig is a wig could last more than one year. So many people prefer choosing and buying this mono lace wig because they could use it longer
This mono wig is one of the soft hair ladies wig because the hair quality is a virgin with cuticle. Many people is oppted for an European hair on this kind of lace wig. It is easy to wear it does not need any glue to fix it.

Long hair mono wig for women, only the monofilement wig could hold long hair in long term since the material is strong. The hairline is perfect as well. The mono is fine.

Medium size cap with standard size. The size we could change and adjust it with your own size. We could make it as your request like small size, medium size, or large size. There is a custom order size.

Bestseller in US market for a lace wig. This mono lace wig is very good price and it i could wear more than two years. More and more person love to wear it and look for this monofilament wig model at the moment.

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