Lace men toupee-Full Swiss and French lace base front with skin PU perimeter

Lace Men Toupee

What is a Toupee?

A toupee is a bespoke hairpiece meticulously crafted to conceal hair loss, creating an illusion of a fuller, natural hairline. Unlike traditional wigs that cover the entire scalp, a toupee specifically targets areas affected by thinning or baldness, blending imperceptibly with existing hair. It’s constructed on a lightweight, breathable base material such as lace, ensuring comfort and a secure fit throughout the day. The hair used can be synthetic or real human hair, tailored in color, texture, and style to match the wearer’s preferences and natural hair characteristics. This personalized approach not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also boosts self-confidence, offering a discreet solution for individuals navigating the challenges of hair loss.

Hair Lace System - French VS Swiss Lace

Lace Front Hair Systems base material, direct hair manufacture mostly offers Swiss lace and French lace. For Swiss lace men hair replacement, it feels soft and light-weighted. When comparing with Swiss lace toupees, French lace men toupees is more durable and long lasting. It is one of the the most popular choice when customer choosing a hair replacement in hair factory. When knotting lace in the front of hair system, workers use small single knotting front to create a natural looking, and use slight bleached knot front to make lace color closed to skin color, so it looks invisible front for head.

Men's Toupees from China Supplier

Shunfa is the biggest hair prosthesis manufacturer in Qingdao. Our company mostly makes standard size 8*10 full lace, then customer can cut it to smaller size to fit different head size.Cut size service can be offered by supplier too. When lace combines with clear poly, poly coating, poly with gauze, there appears many different base design of men hair systems. Welcome your inquiry!

Important Things to Know About Mens Lace Hair System

Lace hair replacement systems are very well-known products these days. Not only for the comfortable and the lightweight nature but for the real-looking lace that blends with the skin to give a natural look-alike hairline. MENS LACE HAIR SYSTEMS are very breathable, and this helps with the active lifestyle of people even in hot months. We at Shunfa Hair use both Swiss and French lace with PU skin so that you get the best hair lace products.


This is the base of a wig, and lace material is used to finely stick to the head. This is very beneficial to the hairline, as it becomes invisible to give a natural look. You can get the same from a reputed HAIR REPLACEMENT SUPPLIER like Shunfa Hair, as we are the top provider of different kinds of toupees for both men and women.


Full lace hair bases are the most popular product. This material is made of lace base and tied with synthetic or human hair. These are very beneficial because it makes the hairline invisible, and give a natural look. For the original look, lace TOUPEE COST is higher than monofilament or other materials.

Additionally, these lace hair systems are breathable, lightweight, and very soft so that it does not irritate the skin. However, they can be very delicate so you need to maintain them properly, only then the products will last longer. Also, lace hair systems aren’t very durable, they can create knots, thus while cleaning, removing, or attaching them you need to be very gentle.

This is a perfect option for people losing their hair. So the best thing you can get from Shunfa Hair is a Swiss or French lace. You will get the best and most durable men’s lace hair, and it will give an original-looking hairline. You just have to maintain the system to make it last longer.


On the other hand, Monofilament bases have better durability than lace. We Shunfa Hair offers monofilament bases as well. This base is soft and like lace, it will also provide the look of a natural hairline. It will seem like the hair has grown from the scalp. You can use the mono-material for a long time, and the products are mainly made of lace or poly skin, which provides better durability. As a result, it can carry thicker hair, and you can have a semi-permanent solution with it. Lastly, monofilament has the same softness and breathability as a lace toupee.


We at Shunfa Hair provide the best SWISS LACE toupee and other popular wigs. If you are looking for high-quality toupees, you must look at our website for more details. You can get a quote or directly call us from the contact page phone number.

Or you can send an email to give us the full details of your custom lace hair toupee and we will be happy to make it for you.


You will get different types of men’s lace hair in the market, but how to choose the best one? Let’s find out in the below tips.

* CHOOSE A TOUPEE: the first thing you have to do is to choose a toupee that will look good with your feature. You can choose from Swiss or French laces, and make sure to buy them from a reputed MALE HAIR MANUFACTURER. Choose Shunfa Hair for this, and we will help you get a customized product.

* SELECT THE MATERIAL: For the hair, you can choose synthetic or human hair. For the base of the toupee look for lace, this will give the perfect natural look. Or you can choose monofilament and PU. Both materials are durable and you can use them for a long time.

* FIND THE RIGHT FIT: you need to get the right fit for the wig. For that measure your head first and then you can tell us your query. Once we get your requirements we will provide the same.


Check out the difference between lace and monofilament hair bases, and it will be easier for you to buy the right product. Also, choose Sunfa Hair for your hair replacement products to get the best quality and competitive rates.

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