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Integration Hair Pieces

What are Integration Hair Pieces?

An integrated hair topper is a non-invasive hair enhancement solution designed to seamlessly blend with one’s natural hair. Crafted with a unique, breathable mesh base, it allows for the integration of the wearer’s own hair through the mesh. This innovative approach ensures that the topper not only enhances the aesthetic appearance by filling in thinning areas but also allows the scalp to breathe, promoting healthy hair growth underneath. 

How does a Integration Hair Piece work?

The integration hair piece is made for customers who are with thinner hair, but do not would like shave existing hair. When they use the fish net hair replacement, just keep original hair, and pull their own hair through the hole. The hair piece can blend prefectly with your own hair.

Integration Hair Pieces Wholesale from China Supplier

QINGDAO SHUNFA HAIR FACTORY is the biggest hair prosthesis manufacturer of Qingdao area,we specialized in all kinds of hair products,such as men’s toupees, hair replacement, lace wigs, synthetic wigs, mannequins, and other relative hair products such as skin weft , prebonded hair ,eyelashes ,beards and moustaches.Just make your best choice with shunfa hair factory and its team. Welcome to inquire us!

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