Integration - Pull though hairpiece, fishnet hair topper, Integration hairpiece

Integration Hair Toupee

Best Integration Hairpiece System China Factory

As a hair factory which originally founded in 1993, with headquarter in Qingdao city, we are professional with Mesh hair integration system for men or women, which is also called Pull through hair topper or fish net hair pieces.

The integration hair piece was made for customers who are with thinner hair, but do not would like shave existing hair. When they use the fish net hair replacement, just keep original hair, and pull their own hair through the hole. The hair piece can blend prefectly with your own hair.

Our factory supplier will offer different base size and hole size 3mm to 5mm to 10mm for the pull through toppers.
To satisfy customer fast delivery requirement, hair supplier also arranged stock high quality mesh hair integration system into production. Standard size hair replacement will be prepared in advance as regular customers needs to meet normal requirements for distributors business.

If you would like to know any more info about pull through toppers from wholesaler, welcome to inquire us! Great Pre-sale and after-sale service is our advantage.

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