Sft-1712 Durable Fine Mono Mens Hair Replacement Factory Supply

Affordable Customized Fine Monofilament China Supplier

QINGDAO SHUNFA HAIR FACTORY is the biggest hair products manufacturer of Qingdao area,we specialized in all kinds of hair products,such as men’s toupees, hair replacement, lace wigs,synthetic wigs and hairpieces and mannequins, skin weft , prebonded hair ,eyelashes ,beards and moustaches and other relative hair products..

Hair Item
Fine mono toupee sft-1712( customized)
Hair Construction
Fine mono center with polyurethane around
8*10” or other size
Front Contour Shape
CC shape
Hair Type
Indian Remy human hair
Hair Length
6 inch
Hair Density
light to medium, medium, medium heavy
Hair Curl
Slight wave 32mm
Hair Colors
#1 #1B #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #17 #18 #613 and with grey hair
Base Color
Transparent color
Hair Style
1 Piece
Delivery time
Immediately for stock order, 10 weeks for customized order
Shipping company
DHL/Fedex/UPS/Aramex/OCS/EMS etc
Payment method
Paypal, bank,West union, Credit card, Alibaba

Finding the best hair pieces manufacturers is a big step toward addressing the air loss issue. Some men face air loss issues and would like to do something about it. They can turn to the hair pieces manufacturers to get the best wigs. The wigs are made in such a way they will create natural-looking hair. Those interested in getting high-quality-looking hair that can make them enjoy great looks prefer the hair. It is made to meet the highest quality standards. Those interested in getting high-quality hair covering their heads comfortably prefer the wigs. They are made to assure wearers feel great. Several men have tried the wigs and are very happy because they offer the perfect solution for hair loss issues.

Different colors

The mono hair system comes in different colors. To enjoy the perfect look, one needs to get hair that can match the rest of the hair on the body. The high-quality hair sold by the manufacturers from China meets the highest quality standards. Users can feel comfortable having it on their heads. Count on the hair, and it will work perfectly to create great-looking hair. The issue of hair loss can be dealt with after getting high-quality wigs. The wigs are made after considering the requirements of different people as they look forward to having the perfect hair in place. Get high-quality hair, and it will provide the perfect hair for any skin color. Several men wearing the wigs feel great because they are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Get the wigs, and they will assure wearers of great possible feelings.

Natural-looking hair

The high-quality human hair wigs work for anybody looking forward to natural-looking hair. Some men are after wigs that cannot be noticed quickly by other people. They can come up with high-quality wigs, and they will serve them perfectly. Getting high-quality wigs is a big step towards having hair that can serve perfectly. Get a high-quality wig, which will make the hair stay attractive and comfortable. Several users of the wigs are happy because the hair is made to look natural. It is hard for anybody else to notice the type of hair someone is wearing.

Natural hairline

The Toupee manufacturer ensures the hair they avail to the market meets the highest quality standards. The hair passes through several tests to ensure it will fit comfortably on an individual’s head. Those looking forward to getting high-quality wigs that can fit on their heads can count on the hair wig. It is a comfortable wig that can fit on any head. Those interested in getting the wig can count on it to assure them great experience possible. The hair wig is made to meet the highest quality standards. Wearers can always count on it to serve them perfectly as they work on different hair looks. The wigs come with hairlines that enhance a natural look. It makes wearers feel comfortable to wear them around. It can be customized to suit different people.

Comfortable lace

The SHUNFA hair is made to be very comfortable. Those who will wear it can count on it to serve them perfectly. It is a high-quality hair that will work perfectly to allow wearers to feel great. Get the hair wig, and it will feel comfortable on the head. Men who develop baldness want hair that can work on their heads and make them feel comfortable. They can turn to the wig, which will make them feel great comfort. Different wearers of the wig are happy because it is made to assure them great comfort possible.

Affordable and customized

The male wigs are made to meet different needs. Wearers can customize them to meet their given needs. When looking for a high-quality wig, one must compare the different wigs out there and decide on the perfect one. The wigs are made to work on different heads. Users can order custom wigs that can work perfectly on their heads. It is possible to enjoy great comfort after buying high-quality wigs. They are made to allow wearers to feel great. Get the high-quality wig, and it will work to assure you a great feel as you walk around. It is made to make wearers feel great comfort.

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