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QINGDAO SHUNFA HAIR FACTORY is the biggest hair products manufacturer of Qingdao area,we specialized in all kinds of hair products,such as men’s toupees, hair replacement, lace wigs,synthetic wigs and hairpieces and mannequins, skin weft , prebonded hair ,eyelashes ,beards and moustaches and other relative hair products..

Hair Item
Double lace 01
Hair Construction
french lace with support lines, poly coating temples to temples, double french lace with #5 scallop
8*10” 7*9” 6*9” 6*8” available
Front Contour Shape
CC shape
Hair Type
Indian Remy human hair
Hair Length
6 inch
Hair Density
light to medium, medium
Hair Curl
Slight wave 32mm
Hair Colors
#1 #1B #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #17 #18 #613 and with grey hair
Base Color
Transparent color
Hair Style
1 Piece
Delivery time
Immediately for stock order, 8-10 weeks for customized order
Shipping company
DHL/Fedex/UPS/Aramex/OCS/EMS etc
Payment method
Paypal, bank,West union, Credit card, Alibaba
Double lace 01-100% high-quality Indiana human hair system

Wigs or hairpieces made of lace and attached to human or synthetic hair are known as lace wigs. Because of the natural-looking lace material, the hairline is virtually unnoticeable. Between four and six weeks, Swiss Lace and Thin Skin hair systems can be expected to last. Between four and six months, French Lace hair systems can be expected to survive. A 6- to 9-month lifespan can be expected from a combination of mono and poly hair systems. Poly hair systems can last for up to a year.

1.Indian hair toupee

Toupees can cost anywhere from roughly $100 to several thousand dollars, with the average price falling in the middle. Generally speaking, a toupee wig attracts a price closer to the higher end of this range, the more convincing it appears to be. This is because more convincing toupees are in higher demand. With a sound hair system, you can take a shower. The person who wears a wig shouldn’t feel like it limits them. This is excellent news for people who wear wigs. Still, you must ensure the hair system is on the suitable toupee glue or tape before putting your head under the shower.

2.China manufacturer

China is becoming one of the most prominent places to buy hair in bulk. People know that Chinese hair factories have a lot of hair for sale at low prices. Also, what else do you need to know about this vast hair wholesaler? Please read this post for the latest information on Chinese hair factories and expert advice on other related topics. You may be reminded of historical Chinese haircuts. When we talk about hairstyles for exporting hair extensions, we talk about modern common haircuts. Natural straight, bone straight, wavy, curly, and color hair extensions are available from Chinese hair suppliers.

Natural straight is one of the most popular hairstyles offered by wholesale Chinese hair factories. The natural black straight hair extensions are commonly utilized to create historical hairstyles. Straight as a board is another famous Chinese hair that is bone straight and is regarded as smooth, silky, and adaptable to all styles.

3.Human hair factory

Hair Factory is a small, independent business that women started for women. Its customers are very loyal. The Hair Factory is committed to selling only the best 100 percent human hair. While India and China are responsible for providing the vast bulk of human hair, just a tiny portion of the hair from those countries comes from temples.

REMY hair from Malaysia has been processed to the highest possible international standards. This hair is one hundred percent ready. The most sophisticated Malaysian method processes the most delicate human hair. Hair that is supple, sumptuous, lustrous, buoyant, and airy.

First and foremost, Remy’s hair is a type of human hair, whereas human hair is not. This will affect the quality of the extensions you buy and the final product you obtain. A strand of human hair is all that makes up a wig or a head of hair.

4.Lace Hair system

This is the scenario when wigs or toupees have a base made of lace material and are tied with human or synthetic hair. Lace bases can be found in wigs and hairpieces. They are accommodating owing to the lace’s natural appearance, making it practically impossible to tell where the hairline is. The Swiss Lace and Thin Skin hair systems have a lifespan of between four and six weeks. The average life expectancy of a French Lace hair system is between four and six months. Systems with mono and poly hair have a lifespan of between 6 and 9 months. Systems with poly hair have a lifespan of nine to twelve months.

5.Hair extensions supply

To make one’s hair look longer, synthetic or, human hair extensions can be used. Unlike actual hair, most human hair extensions are more delicate and should be handled with care. For the most part, wigs and extensions are made with human hair sourced from India or China. Many Hindus travel to India to shave or tonsure their heads as an act of devotion to the Temple.

These are the three types of hair extensions:

  1. Tape in hair extension- When attaching tape-in hair extensions to either side of your natural hair strands, adhesive weft tape is employed.
  2. Clip in hair extension.
  3. Pre-bonded hair extension

All hair in double-lace wigs comes from Indian Remy hair. Each strand of hair is the same length because it is double drawn. This makes your hair look ample and complete, which is excellent for people with thin or fine hair. The wig is then hand-tied to a lace base to make a hairline that looks natural. So, the wig looks and feels just like natural hair.

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