AA Durable Mono and Lace hair replacement for men with 100% human hair

Affordable Customized Mono/Lace hair system China Supplier

QINGDAO SHUNFA HAIR FACTORY is the biggest hair products manufacturer of Qingdao area,we specialized in all kinds of hair products,such as men’s toupees, hair replacement, lace wigs,synthetic wigs and hairpieces and mannequins, skin weft , prebonded hair ,eyelashes ,beards and moustaches and other relative hair products..

Hair Item
AA base
Hair Construction
Fine mono center with clear PU around, lace front
6*9″ 7*9″ 8*10″ etc, Different sizes can be customized
yes, slight bleached knot natural Hairline
Front Contour Shape
A, AA, C, CC ect
Hair Type
Indian Remy human hair, Chinese hair, european hair etc
Hair Length
6 inch
Hair Density
light to medium, medium, medium heavy, heavy
Hair Curl
Slight wave 32mm. or 3mm-25mm
Hair Colors
#1 #1B #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #17 #18 #613 and with grey hair
Base Color
Transparent color
Hair Style
1 Piece
Delivery time
Immediately for stock order, 8-10 weeks for customized order
Shipping company
DHL/Fedex/UPS/Aramex/OCS/EMS etc
Payment method
Paypal, bank,West union, Credit card, Alibaba

A toupee is a hairpiece that’s assembled from synthetic hair and is held in place by a toupee net. This means that unlike with human hair, there are no splits or knots in the toupee so it won’t wilt or get tangled even if you wear it for some time. Most men who wear them have long hair and so find it difficult to find a suitable alternative when they’ve lost their natural locks.

Types of toupee for men

The different types of toupee available today include the following:

1.Rope Toupee

This is a toupee that is made from fur and so requires the use of a special styling stuff that you can buy in your local store. It’s not very expensive but it needs to be used with a brush to achieve the desired effect. It has to be styled at least twice daily as dryness can lead to hair fall. This once needs professional help especially if it’s dark brown in color or if you have gray strands in it.

2.Synthetic Hair Toupee

This is a toupee that’s assembled from synthetic hair and doesn’t require the use of a special styling stuff. The hair doesn’t have to be colored as the natural color is enough to hide the gray strands.

3.Five Inch Toupee

This is a toupee that’s assembled from synthetic hair and made from human hair. The color of the human hair is varied depending on the individual needs of the user.

Common method for wearing a toupee

Sew In Toupee

The most common method for wearing a toupee is by sewing it to the remaining locks of hair. While this may seem to be the easiest method of applying one, it also comes with its own disadvantages. The first is that you have to shave off your hair in order for the toupee to feel natural and this may cause damage. The second disadvantage comes from the fact that when you want to remove it, the toupee will come off with the natural hair and so you’ll have a bald head.

Tape In Toupee

This method of wearing a toupee involves using tape along with glue and amino acids or keratin. This makes sure that the bonds are strong so that it can be worn for some time without causing discomfort or skin irritation.

Clip In Toupee

This is one of the most common methods used today and it doesn’t require the tape or glue to hold it in place. The clip on method is good especially when you just want to wear a toupee for some basic functions such as going to work and so on.

Benefits of wearing a toupee for men

The advantages of wearing a toupee include the following:

1.Easy maintenance.

Many people prefer to use toupe for men in a case of hair loss and baldness. The main investment for the wig is only several times more expensive than the real street value of your hair, so you can save on a daily basis instead of buying new haircuts and products.

2.You can change your style at any age.

No longer do you have to worry about a bad haircut that goes out of style. You can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles for long time periods, making it a smart decision for your personal style and hair health.

3.It can be perfectly customized to your features and looks.

Toupees are made of human hair, so they look very natural and grow just like real hair, while they are designed to take precise measurements in accordance with your face shape, making them full of options in terms of colors and hairstyles.

4.Control over your look.

Toupee makes you feel like you are wearing any kind of hairstyle, even if you are going without one for quite a while – perfect for when you have to go out with friends and you don’t have time to lather up your head.

5.You can choose a color that matches your face and skin tone perfectly.

As toupee comes with lots of colors to choose from, you can get a shade that will best match your skin color, no matter whether you have fair, medium or dark skin tone. And in the hairpiece, you can even add an element of warmth to it with reddish or golden tones.


To conclude, toupee is a great solution for anyone who is living with a hair loss issue and do not want to face the daily hair styling hassle. It’s easy maintenance, it can be perfectly customized to your features and looks and moreover you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.

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