Different Types of Wig Caps

A wig cap is the underside of a wig that resembles the head’s form, much like a baseball hat’s design. Wig caps are the base of wigs, with the hair and style affixed to the cap. Usually, wig caps act as a barrier to protect the scalp.

When you keep wearing a wig for several days, it may irritate your scalp. A wig cap can shield a delicate scalp from irritation caused by a wig, especially for men with complete baldness. Therefore, wearing wigs can be more comfortable with wig caps.

You may have heard the terms lace front, full cap toupee, hand-tied, and monofilament, but what exactly do they mean? Here, you’ll learn about wig cap constructions and the benefits and drawbacks of the specific styles, which are worth noting and essential to understand. They prove helpful for you to select the solutions that should best meet your needs.

Here are some of the notable options that you should keep in consideration:

1.Basic Wig Cap: An Affordable Option

A basic wig cap, also known as an open-cap, capless, or wefted, is an artificial wig cap created by sewing hair curtains, or “wefts,” onto a thin, elastic band. The wefts are concealed from view at the portion area using a method known as “permatease.”

A basic wig cap is still innovative because air may travel straight to your scalp through the holes between the wefts. Such caps are for you if you’re more concerned about overheating.

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  • Cool and lightweight;
  • Reasonably priced ($75–$150);
  • Durable;
  • Built-in volume.


  • The wig’s top may have additional volume since permatease is added to disguise the wefts. However, it may not be a disadvantage for many people.

2.Full Cap Hair System: Wigs for Bald Men

Full cap - Full cap hair order customized long hair order and short hairA full-cap toupee wig is ideal for those individuals experiencing total hair loss. You can try a different style or select a full-cap toupee that complements your hair’s colour scheme and texture. Many choose them because they are less expensive than invasive hair treatments and surgery options.

Your entire scalp gets adequately covered when you wear a full-cap toupee toupee. Before switching to a different type of wig, wearing a full cap wig is thus more convenient and practical as an accessible choice for you while beginning. That is why you should always buy full-cap human hair wigs for men from a reputed seller to get the maximum benefit from quality products.



  • Completely natural appearance;
  • Offering you total coverage;
  • Securely fits for your comfort;
  • It offers ample versatility.


  • It might prove uncomfortable for you due to excessive heating.

3.Lace Front: Natural Hairline

Full head skin non-surgical hairloss solution customer order men hair replacement

Sft-2063 natural hairline long hair systems for men

A lace front wig gives the appearance of growing hair at the front hairline. Each hair remains hand-tied into sheer lace material. It thus helps the hair to move gradually at the hairline, resulting in a more natural transition from the forehead to the hairline. Because a lace front is added to a conventional wig cap structure, it remains a worthwhile choice for individuals concerned about staying cool during the day. However, due to that extra element and the technique of being done by hand, a lace-front wig cap is comparatively costlier than any other standard wig cap category.


  • Offers a natural appearance of the hairline;
  • It is an excellent option for off-the-face styling purposes.


  • It is comparatively more expensive than a basic wig cap;
  • It requires extra care for the sheer lace material.

4. Monofilament: Natural Mobility and Increased Comfort Level

Like a lace front, a monofilament feature involves hand-tying each hair to a soft lace material. A monofilament crown, portion, or top simulates the illusion of hair growth from the scalp, making the wig appear more realistic. A monofilament crown also gives the appearance of hair growth only in the crown area and, therefore, remains an excellent monofilament option.

A monofilament portion allows you to part the style in that place while allowing the cap to breathe. A monofilament top allows you to separate your hair wherever you want to wear a side part one day and a centre part the next. If you tend to overheat, you should know that an entire monofilament top is the warmest option among monofilament features.

More recent options like French-knotted tops and double monofilament tops provide the same natural look at the scalp. Still, they also have an additional layer of soft material for comfort. But remember: every person’s sensitivity is different, and you don’t need the most exquisite features to feel comfortable wearing a wig hat.

Different Types of Wig Caps

Different Types of Wig Caps








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  • A scalp that looks natural;
  • The ability to part the hair anywhere;
  • Natural movement of hair;
  • Gentler on the scalp due to the sheer lace material being softer than the standard wig cap’s top.


  • It is more expensive than a standard wig cap;
  • The sheer monofilament material requires maintenance.

5. Hand-tied: A Luxurious Choice

Every hair is hand-tied onto a pliable material in a hand-tied cap. As the wig cap material is comparatively softer and more flexible, a 100% hand-tied cap is undoubtedly the most comfortable alternative that no one can resist. It looks and moves like natural hair. The 4-way stretch that the wig cap material offers is another unique and added benefit. It gives you the impression that you rather wear a head cover or scarf. The cap design remains the most expensive option as a fully hand-tied wig that should take up to 40 hours to complete.



  • The most realistic appearance and motion;
  • It remains an ideal option for delicate scalps;
  • It offers the comfiest hair system.


  • It is a comparatively expensive cap design;
  • It must be handled carefully to prevent harming the delicate materials used;
  • The wig cap may feel warmer on the scalp as it is not ventilated like a standard cap.


Selecting a wig style that best fits your needs will be easier if you know what aspects of caps you should enjoy. Certain styles combine several cap features. The majority of wig users select a style which combines multiple elements. It lets you customize your wig by placing the cap’s components where desired. Exploring any full-cap hair order, customized, long, and short hair orders is worth trying. A simple cap wig with a lace front and monofilament section is undoubtedly popular among wig wearers. It gives you that desired natural look while enjoying a relaxed and comfortable appearance.


1. Can I wear a wig cap without wearing a wig?

A: It depends on your personal choice. While some find it comfortable underneath a wig, others may also find it irritable.

2. Do wig caps cause damage to the hair?

A: Wig caps keep your hair in place when you wear a wig, but they may cause hair breakage.

3. Can I sleep with a full-cap toupee on?

A: A full-cap toupee might make your scalp excessively warm while sleeping. You may not feel comfortable.

 4. How long can a total cap toupee stay on your scalp?

A: Full cap toupees may last for about 3-4 weeks. The longevity depends on the quality of the adhesive and maintenance you do.


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