Lace men toupee-Full Swiss and French lace base front with skin PU perimeter

Pu Perimeter Toupee

Affordable Customized Icon Toupee China Supplier

QINGDAO SHUNFA HAIR FACTORY is the biggest hair products manufacturer of Qingdao area,we specialized in all kinds of hair products,such as men’s toupees, hair replacement, lace wigs,synthetic wigs and hairpieces and mannequins, skin weft , prebonded hair ,eyelashes ,beards and moustaches and other relative hair products..

Pu perimeter Toupee

Pu perimeter Toupee

It is a type of hair system that is designed so that the poly base surrounds the perimeter of the piece of hair and has a lace at the top.

Pu perimeter toupee supplies

  • Transparent and stunned monofilament material
  • Design can be formatted to meet the client’s specifications.
  • The production chain provides perfect services.
  • The front hairline is designed in such a way that it can allow free air circulation.
  • Works within the client’s delivery timeline.
  • Quality of the hair is European and topmost.

Best Pu perimeter toupee manufacturers in China

SHUN FA hair factory is the largest manufacturer of hair products. They specialize in all sorts of hair products, for instance, lace wigs, hair replacement, men’s toupees, etc. You can reach them or contact them through their email.

Fine mono

The fine mono is usually connected with the F27 hair toupee. It is durable and has a high strength. The more robust mono is the one with more substantial base materials. In addition, it has a strong poly perimeter which is easily attached, removed, and cleaned. The F27 has two slits on the mono, one slit at the top and the other at the front. If you’re considering a hairstyle that is strong and durable, this is the hair to go for. F27 suits those who do not have brush back style


The base design has a fine mono at the center of the stylish, with a transparent poly, and poly in the back cut according to the required measurements for a modified base.

Base size-8′ * 10′

Material base color- flesh

Front contour- cc standard shape

Available colors-#5, #18, #210, #410, #320, #1B.

Hair growth -5″

Density of hair- medium

Type of hair- human hair-100% (the synthetic hair is grey)

Wave and curl- 30mm

Advantage- durable and robust, easily Attached and cleaned.

Delivery- delivered instantly in 24 hours. But if one requires the cut base, it takes more days, an additional three days at most.

Reminder-If one is unsatisfied with the kind of hair they receive; they are free to contact the sellers and explain their problem, rather than trying to do some amendment kike the cut, or washing. The lord’s hair service is there to answer any questions and grant help where necessary. They can also exchange the hairstyle you have purchased for a perfect one. However, for a request of a cut to be made in the base, then you complain later, they won’t do a refund.

Hair factory

Hair Factory is a company set in the New York and established by women to meet the needs of women. They aim to supply, 100% quality hair to women.

Men hair system

Basically, it refers to systems where hairs are made using either natural or synthetic fibers specifically for men. It is mainly created to help bald men or those whose hair just fell off anyhow. After they are created, they are then attached to the client’s head. Attachment is done depending on the client’s satisfaction, and can either be by use of glue or adhesives. These systems are honestly game changers when it comes to catering to baldness and hair thinning. They usually last for a span of around one year.

Difference between PU perimeter toupee and lace wig replacement

Pu perimeter has glue attached to the sides and the back alone, whereas lace wig has glue attached all over. This won’t allow you to see what’s beneath it.

Pu perimeter is made of polyurethane which you can easily confuse for the human skin. On the other hand, a lace wig is made of meshwork fibers that allow for easy breathing.

Pu perimeter can be easily clean because it has a hard surface. On the other hand, lace wigs cannot be cleaned with ease because adhesives do accumulate in the holes.

Pu perimeter has no breathing space, whereas laces wigs provide for breathing space because they are mesh-like.

Pu perimeter can be attached and removed with ease. On the other hand, a lace wig is hard to attach and remove because it can easily tear down.

How to choose the best hairpiece for your market

All you need to consider here is your client’s specifications and interests. Take a look at the different sizes offered, the lace wig base, and potential suppliers within. Choose a hairpiece that can work well with the client’s beauty routine, life, and plans.

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