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QINGDAO SHUNFA HAIR FACTORY is the biggest hair products manufacturer of Qingdao area,we specialized in all kinds of hair products,such as men’s toupees, hair replacement, lace wigs,synthetic wigs and hairpieces and mannequins, skin weft , prebonded hair ,eyelashes ,beards and moustaches and other relative hair products..

Shunfa Hair- The Best Hair Manufacturing Company In China


Shunfa Hair Company was founded in the year 1993. We are a family industry that has a passion towards hair manufacturing and its management. We have a fully equipped HAIR PIECES FACTORY.

We specialize in the segment of hair replacement and their key products are toupees for men and wigs for women. We also accept special customized order requests for toupees according to the customer. We are the top manufacturers of the BEST LACE TOUPEE and MEN’S LACE FRONT. We provide the best and CHEAP PRICE TOUPEE in the market.


Hair replacement is done by covering a bald or partially bald area with a wig or a toupee (HAIRPIECES, hair systems, units, or even illustrated as a partially covered wig). These are worn for cosmetic or theatrical purposes and are generally made of synthetic or natural HUMAN HAIR. Hairpieces and toupees are mainly associated with men suffering from hair loss and it is mainly confined to the head top or crown.

Do not worry Shunfa Hair has got you covered!


Shunfa Hair manufactures Lace front toupees with a stunned, monofilament, transparent material. We can personalize or customize the design of the hair base according to the customer’s requests. The lace front toupees have perfect ventilation on the front of the hairline. Shunfa uses European top-quality human hair.

Front lace toupees create an illusion of a natural hairline that will look flawless to the observer. The sheer material of lace is situated on the edge of the front head. The edges can also be cut prior to the application of the toupee or they also come as pre-cut.

Whereas, full lace toupees produced by Shunfa Hair, have a full hair base that is made of lace. Thus, you can style this in multiple ways as the hair parting can be made anywhere. The lace base makes the toupee breathable and feels lightweight on the head as compared to the other available toupee bases.

The Shunfa Hair quality is top-notch and the bases are generally made with the hands hence, we have an easy, hassle-free application process.


Shunfa Hair suggests you look for the following details to make sure you choose the best toupee for yourself.

* Base materials: The base material of a toupee should ideally be breathable and comfortable and it should also ensure ease of application.
* Price range: The price of the toupees should be reasonable enough for a person to buy. Hair toupees have various price ranges as there are less expensive toupees as well as extremely expensive toupees in the market. You will just have to explore and buy the most reasonable one.

Shunfa Hair provides pocket-friendly toupees with no compromise on the quality.

* Natural-looking hair: The MENS LACE FRONT toupees should provide an illusion of a natural hairline and for a full-lace toupee; the parting should be placed or made anywhere according to the required style (from braids to high ponytails) and the back should be covered properly for a clean and natural look.
* Versatility: One should be able to style the toupee however they like without breaking the natural hair illusion.
* Application: The toupee application should be effortless and it is also recommended to use a wig cap while wearing the toupee.
* Maintenance: The toupee should be easily maintained and it should be used with the proper or correct toupee care products.
* Durability: If the care and maintenance are properly done, a toupee should last up to a span of 12 months. It also depends on how often one wears the toupee.


Shunfa Hair is the leading toupee seller in China. We are the most reliable producers for Wigs and Toupees as we deliver priority-based service on the production chain. We have a great record of on-time delivery as per a deal. We are the most affordable supplier in China for a customized toupee. We are in the market for 30-plus years and have 2000-plus production workers with 40-plus sales services.

We have two facilities that help the company to reach a production amount of five thousand pieces per month and we make a turnover of $10 million US Dollars. We have a strength of 2000 plus persons dedicated to hair treatment, finishing, ventilation, base conception, packaging, and quality control.

Shunfa Hair Company is professional and organized in the production of HAIRPIECES and delivers the toupees within the promised time. We also manage the reduction of expenses in the production field to offer our products at a reasonable price.

Choosing Shunfa hair is choosing the wise. Forget worrying about the bald patches and order now the BEST LACE TOUPEE on the market.

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